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About Ryan O’Sullivan – Georgetown

Ryan O’Sullivan earned his Bachelor of Science in Global Business with a minor in Mandarin Chinese from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. For his study abroad selection, Ryan chose the Minzu University of China in Beijing to hone his Mandarin skills and immerse himself in traditional Chinese culture. Ryan won first place in a photo contest for his contribution to the Global Classroom while studying abroad and learning skills like adaptability, flexibility, and problem-solving.

While in Washington, as a consumer and retail sector analyst, Ryan O’Sullivan worked for Georgetown Collegiate Investors (GCI). Ryan was also a Georgetown’s Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN) member. As part of the international team, Ryan planned the conservation curriculum, assisted with fundraising, and spent his winter vacation in Mbour, Senegal.

Currently, Ryan is a Juris Doctorate candidate at Northwestern University. Much like his undergraduate years, Ryan remains active in a number of university groups. Ryan is a staff member on the Northwestern University Law Review and helps with intake interviews at Legal Aid in his neighborhood.